Sewn Up – the Co-operative Party’s new campaign

Sewn Up is a campaign to help the Kopano Women’s Sewing Co-operative near Johannesberg. Following a visit to South Africa in 2010, Michael Stephenson has forged a relationship between the Co-operative Party and the women of Kopano. Kopano does great work, making clothes and bedding for the community, providing employment and giving women a voice in the economic development of their township and financial independence.

The problem is that, like so many small co-operatives, Kopano just does not have enough physical resource. In particular, they need new equipment and new sewing machines. Their machinery is quite old, we’re talking 1970s and 80s stuff and it frequently breaks down. It just doesn’t work as efficiently as more modern equipment. So with just a simple injection of more modern equipment we can really make an improvement on these women’s lives and they can be much more productive and produce much more clothing at a much lower cost and therefore be a much better contributor than they already are to the community as a whole.

Can you help the women of Kopano to buy new sewing machines?

With the support and donations of Co-operative Party members and the support of our movement we can really transform the lives of these women and improve the quality of live in this township while we keep faith with our co-operative values.

If you can help the women of Kopano, please click on the link below to donate today. Alternatively please send a cheque to ‘The Co-operative Party Sewn Up Campaign’, 77 Weston Street, London SE1 3SD.

Donate to the Co-operative Party Sewn Up Campaign

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