Gordon Brown: Education for All would increase growth by 2%

Gordon Brown has authored a major new report on education and growth “Education For All; Beating Poverty, Unlocking Prosperity.”  The report was launched today in South Africa with Graça Machel, Gordon’s co-convenor of the Global Campaign for Education’s High Level Panel.

The report’s findings are that a renewed global commitment to education will:
• Increase economic growth in the poorest countries by 2% per capita, creating the conditions for deep reductions in poverty and opening up new opportunities for investment.
• Lift 104 million people out of poverty and save the lives of some 1.8 million African children.
The report also argues that for every $1 spent on education, a further $15 could be generated as a result of the education growth premium, front-loading this investment would reduce aid dependency and pay for itself after 22 years.
The twitter tag for the report is #educationforall and please do circulate it to your networks.

You can learn more about the Global Campaign for Education and take action here and more about Gordon’s past intervention’s on education here.

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