Labour MEPs support Robin Hood Tax campaign in Strasbourg day of action

Last week campaign groups and trade unions, including Oxfam and the TUC, were campaigning in advance of a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Paris.

Activities have been taking place around the world. Campaigners dressed as Robin Hood have been sending arrows to embassies and politicians with their message that they want financial services to pay their fair share in the tax system.

Oxfam supporters sent an arrow to MEPs in Strasbourg where Labour members backed the campaign. The Labour group’s leader in the European Parliament Glenis Willmott MEP said:

Labour’s Euro MPs have backed campaigners in their call for a Robin Hood Tax to make banks and other financial service companies pay their fair share.

“At a time when the government is slashing spending, the financial services sector isn’t paying its fair share.

“Right across the world people have been aiming their Robin Hood message at ministers.

“We want to see a very small tax on global financial transactions. It could raise a huge amount of money for public coffers by taxing risky short term speculation, without harming finance flowing to the real economy.

“Ministers must bow to public pressure and make clear that they believe in a taxation system that is fair to everyone.”

Campaigners are pushing for a global agreement on the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax. This tiny tax on banking transactions could produce millions of pounds to fund good causes both in Britain and across the world, and prevent the need for such deep cuts in public spending.

Thursday has been designated a global day of action, with events happening in over 20 countries in the run up to the G20, which meets in Paris on Friday and Saturday (18-20 February).

LCID is a strong support of the Robin Hood Tax – you can sign up to the campaign here.

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