Fairtrade Fortnight kicks off

Fairtrade Fortnight kicked off today with the good news that sales of Fairtrade products in the UK topped £1bn for the first time in 2010.

Around 20% of roast and ground coffee, and 20% of bananas sold in the UK are now Fairtrade, and on a daily basis Britons now consume 9.3m cups of tea and 3.1m bananas stamped with the ethical mark.

Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Development speaking at the start of Fairtrade Fortnight said:

“To tackle poverty you need to increase trade as well as give aid. That is why the Government must take forward the international efforts we led to secure fairer trade rules and continue our investment in supporting fair trade.

“It is wrong that the Government has delayed the implementation of the Bribery Act which would help make trade fairer by tackling the corruption and bribery that devastates lives in the developing world. They must immediately set out a clear timetable for implementing the Bribery Act to make trade fairer.

“It is not just the role of governments to support fair trade; we can all make a difference. That is why Fairtrade fortnight is so important. We can help people make their own way out of poverty”

Later in the Fortnight we’ll be looking at what Labour did in government to support the growth of Fairtrade in the UK, but in the meantime LCID challenges you to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight by adding at least 1 new Fairtrade product to your basket next time you’re out at the shops.

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