Harriet Harman calls for aid for Sri Lankan flood victims

With floods in Sri Lanka driving 39,000 people from their homes, Harriet Harman, Shadow International Development Secretary, has called for the UK and the international community to help.

Though aid has begun to arrive in Sri Lanka, The Daily Mirror points out that only 6 tonnes of aid was moved on Friday.

Harriet Harman said:

“Sadly over twenty people have lost their lives in these devastating floods and  hundreds of thousands of people have been affected with many losing their homes and livelihoods. The priority now must be helping them.

“The floods will also cause longer term problems. They have destroyed acres of rice fields which could put food supply at risk and have raised the risk of water-borne diseases like typhoid.

“The people of Sri Lanka will need help, both immediately and in the long-term,  and the UK and the international community must be ready to  help provide that support.

“Many people in the UK will be worried about their friends and relatives in Sri Lanka and I am urging the UK government to do all they can to help them get in touch with their loved ones.”

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