A message from Gordon Brown

A message from Gordon Brown to LCID supporters

Dear friends,

Earlier this week I released a manifesto for Jobs + Justice (available here) The basic argument is encapsulated in the extract below:

“The re-entry of the moral claim into economic policy—the revival of political economy—is what makes me confident that the argument for a global growth and employment plan can be won within nations and then between them. This book is my attempt to sketch out the alternative I believe in and to show that there is a way forward to jobs and justice—that there is a plan waiting to be implemented that would create more than 50 million jobs worldwide and lift 90 million people out of poverty.

The challenge—at once structural and global—of creating higher growth and more jobs can be met and mastered only with a global compact among the major economic powers. Getting these varied groups to agree on anything beyond declarations of vaguely worded principle will be profoundly difficult. But I believe it is possible. And it is in the space between the possible and the perfect that campaigners for justice must always be.”

There is an alternative to a decade of low growth, high unemployment and endemic poverty. This book is my contribution to the struggle for a fairer globalisation which the Labour Campaign for International Development has aleady done so much to bring.

Best wishes,


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