Ahead of World AIDS Day, David Cairns writes for Progress

Tomorrow, 1 December, is World AIDS Day. Ahead of the day, David Cairns has written for Progress about his experiences meeting an inspirational woman in Nairobi, Kenya. This woman, who spoke out about her HIV, found that her son was sacked from his job, even though his employers knew he was not HIV positive.

Stories like this are all too familiar, as we well know. To stop it, considerable work has been done across the world, but more has to be done. Summing up, Cairns says:

The government needs to give a clear signal now that the UK remains committed to working through the Global Fund, which is the most effective, multilateral partnership operating today. Failure to do so would be an abdication of the international leadership position that, under Labour, the UK built up over the past decade and give others the excuse to reduce their own contributions. If this happens the fight against HIV and AIDS will get a whole lot harder.

You can read the article in its entirety over on the Progress website.

By Tim Nicholls

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