New Shadow Secretary sets up local international development group

The new Shadow International Development Secretary, Harriet Harman, has established an international development advisory panel in her constituency, Camberwell and Peckham. The new panel, which will be hosted using virtual groups will have regular contact with and will meet regularly at Southwark Town Hall in Peckham.

Speaking about the panel and her new brief, Harriet Harman said:

“I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.

Setting up the Department for International Development was one of the most important acts of the previous Labour Government. Making sure this government maintains our commitment will be my main objective.

They must recognise the importance of remittances – the money which many people in the UK send money back to their country of origin. This money is a vital, largely unseen, contribution to tackling poverty and helping development.

And they must focus on the importance of supporting women and girls in developing countries.”

We’d like to know if you know of, or run, a local international development group. Let us know, either by commenting on this article or emailing

By Tim Nicholls

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