Check out all our #BAD10 blogs from today

Today was Blog Action Day, focusing on water. To mark this day, four members of LCID have blogged on several sites. Rather than having you trawling through the internet, we’ve got links to all four of them here. So check them out!

First off, Steve Cockburn discusses the right to water and how the Tories are dragging their feet and getting in the way of progress. You can read the full article at Progressonline.

Next up Eilidh Macpherson discusses whether there is a right to water and calls the Labour Party to action, to hold DfID to their obligations. You can see the whole article on LabourList.

Then David Taylor highlights just what the reality is for the billions who still live without access to clean water and sanitation, over on LeftFootForward.

Finally, Tom Baker, on Political Dynamite asks ‘Where next for Water (and Sanitation) Campaigning?’

Please do read our articles and tell us what you think. Have you taken part in BAD10: tell us! You can also follow what’s happening during #BAD10 on Twitter.

By Tim Nicholls

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