Mitchell praises UN relief fund in public, whilst cutting it in private

Earlier today, Andrew Mitchell was on Radio 4 answering questions on the Government’s response to the Pakistan floods. Astonishingly, he actually referenced the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund in his answers – despite the fund being amongst the 100 commitments he has reportedly agreed to drop:

“….Well the particular fund is a standing fund that was set up actually under a British initiative [by the Labour Government], the CERF fund, from which $27 million have come so far but what is required is way in excess of the CERF fund and will require members of the UN, particularly the G8 nations now to step up to what is an absolutely appalling disaster…”

It is time for Mitchell to comment on the leaked documents and come clean on CERF and the 100 commitments to be cut.

To deal with the Pakistan floods, the UN is asking for at least $465 million and so far is only 20-23% funded. Mitchell cannot claim this is “simply not good enough” in public whilst cutting the very same fund in private.

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