Right to unionise under threat in Swaziland – act now!

ACTSA, UNISON, PCS and Prospect are joining forces to speak out against a new law to be introduced in Swaziland. The Public Services Bill will make it illegal for public officers to take part in political formations or groups. The definition of those groups has, however, been left vague.

Add your name to the petition to stop the Bill

The UK places restrictions on senior civil servants, in order to maintain the impartiality of high-level public officers. The Public Services Bill in Swaziland is not so equitably targeted. Due to the loose definition of political formations, this will preclude public servants unionising.

This is wrong: speak out to stop it

ACTSA has said:

Harassment, arrests and threats of unemployment or demotion are regular
occurrences for trade unionists and pro-democracy activists in Swaziland. The Public
Services Bill is an anti democratic measure and a further attempt by the Government
of Swaziland to prevent freedom of association and expression. ACTSA supports the
call of trade union movement in Swaziland and internationally that the Bill should be

Contact the Swaziland High Commission to call for the Swazi Government to drop the Bill

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