Foreign Office “planning a raid on DfID’s cash and on its turf”

The Financial Times website today carries a disturbing story on the future of DfID funding. This comes just weeks after an election when the now-Government pledged to ringfence DfID funding and that principle’s affirmation in the Coalition Document.

According to Sue Cameron at the FT, the Foreign Office is “planning a raid on [DfID’s] cash and on its turf.” She says:

“They talk of a “bleed” of Difid money to teams that include FCO and Defence Ministry people – not least in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. “Nothing will be taken out of the Difid budget,” one diplomat assured me. “It’ll just be spent on things over which Difid has no control.” And it is hard to see what Difid can do about it.”

LCID has already warned of the dangers of diverting DfID money that would better be spent on Overseas Development Aid, in a letter printed in the Guardian. Yet, Sue Cameron states that Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, is only free to act in his role “within the strategy set by Hague.”

Every penny diverted from poverty alleviation causes harm. It is becoming ever-clearer that the pre-election promise to ringfence the development budget was a false one. As the new Government’s policies come into action, LCID will be scrutinising them, to hold the Government to account on its poverty alleviation promises.

The full article can be found on the FT website.

By Tim Nicholls

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