LCID manifesto submission: fighting poverty in a 4th term

Labour Campaign for International Development has now formally submitted its policy paper to Ed Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and coordinator of the Labour’s forthcoming General Election Manifesto.

While noting the progress made by successive Labour Governments, we call for Labour to meet and exceed its commitments to the world’s poor, noting that a global downturn is exactly when Labour’s values are needed most.

In addition to meeting existing aid commitments, we strongly call for Labour to commit to introducing a Financial Transaction Tax – the Robin Hood Tax – to fund development and climate change adaptation, as well as invest in public services in the UK.

And we want Labour to ensure that the interests of the world’s poor are central across Government policy, whether in trade, energy, security or global governance. The responsibility to fight poverty should not  land solely at DfID’s door.

Read the LCID policy paper here.

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