What are your priorities for International Development?

The Labour Party is running a poll on international development. What do you think should be the priorities?

You can take part in the poll on the Global Poverty Promise website. Your responses will be sent to the Labour manifesto team so this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard on international development. The Party will be reporting back on the ideas that get the most support.

Take part in the poll and share your opinions with the manifesto team! LCID is campaigning to make sure that international development stays high up on Labour’s agenda. We need you to take part and help us make our case.

By Tim Nicholls

One thought on “What are your priorities for International Development?

  1. Afsaneh Eades says:

    Dear Labour Manifesto team,
    First there was WATER then there was Life. Without safe clean water everything else pales in signifigance!

    My suggested priority is water and sanitation – specifically for the next government to integrate water and sanitation into its health and education work. This is because:


    Lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation affects more than 2.6 billion people, and kills more children than HIV and AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Sanitation is the second most off-track Millennium Development Goal in Sub-Saharan Africa after maternal mortality.


    Over half of hospital beds in developing countries are filled with people suffering diarrhoeal illnesses; while the UN estimates that half of girls who stop attending primary school in Africa do so because of the lack of safe and private toilets.

    For more information I suggest you read and take notice of WaterAid’s election manifesto http://www.wateraid.org/election

    Thank you,
    Sunny Eades

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