Meg Munn MP writes for Progress on Rwanda | Article on child slavery

Interestering articles on Progress’ website on Rwanda and child slavery.

Recovering Rwanda – 15 years on since a vicious civil war, Rwanda has made great strides on the road to recovery. By Meg Munn, MP for Sheffield Heeley

“Rwanda is moving away from its past. The country has the highest number of women legislators, with women taking 56% of the contested seats in the 2008 parliamentary elections. It also holds the world record as the country with the highest rate of re-forestation and is the first developing country to introduce mass vaccination for pneumococcal diseases for its children. Like any developing country, Rwanda still has its issues, but as a nation it really has come along way from those terrible three months in the summer of 1994.”


Protecting children – Helping Haiti’s half million child slaves. By Audrey Guichon of Anti-Slavery International

“Anti-Slavery International is also trying hard to stamp out the practice of child domestic work by pushing for a new international convention at the International Labour Organization that will spell out the rights of domestic workers.”