LCID Executive 2016 Nomination Statements

Aaron Cohen-Gold
I’m standing for re-election to the LCID Executive. Over the last year as Secretary and Parliamentary Events Officer, I have worked tirelessly to promote LCID’s mission in Westminster, at conference, and on the referendum campaign. As a Parliamentary Researcher, I also understand the vital role that LCID has to play in challenging this Tory government on refugees, aid, and development. I would be honoured to continue this work and would be delighted to have your support.

Anna Gelderd
I would be honoured to continue as part of LCID’s team having been an active member over the last year. I work for an international NGO engaging influential supporters on issues such as the refugee crisis. I’ve previously worked as an advisor to the Shadow International Development team and would continue to strengthen support within the Party including through a parliamentary event I am currently helping to organise. As a proud northerner I think there’s a lot more we can do to engage supporters outside London and I would make this a personal priority.

David Taylor
As founder and former Chair I have ensured LCID’s doing all it can to strengthen support for internationalism in our Party. As Vice-Chair for Organisational Growth I’ve worked hard to strength our organisation and our finances. If re-elected I’ll work with the team to continue that growth, to increase our events for members, and deepen our support amongst MPs, including through a new ‘Friends of LCID’ parliamentary group.

Edie Fairservice
I’m deeply passionate about international affairs, and am committed to defending human rights across the globe. I speak out against injustice wherever possible (I recently spoke at the Labour Conference, on the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime), and my goal is to reshape Labour’s foreign policy to ensure the protection of civilians is at the very heart of it. I would love the opportunity to work with LCID, to help raise awareness, and keep these issues at the top of the political agenda.

Heather Staff
I have 10 years NGO and political experience and my background is in international law, conflict resolution, political engagement and anti-trafficking. I’ve worked in the Middle East, Balkans and Eastern Europe most recently working on the refugee crisis in Croatia and Serbia. With a greater isolationist Government in the face of what seems like crisis upon crisis, I am seeking election to continue to keep Labour internationalist, campaigning to keep DFID protected and development at the heart of UK policy.

Juan Leahy
I have been on the LCID exec for the past year working as part of the campaigns and communications. I’m standing again because I want to continue to support the work of LCID in keeping international development high on Labour’s agenda. I currently work for ActionAid, leading on communications for the Tax Justice campaign. Prior to that I spent three years as an adviser to Mary Creagh MP, leading on political and media work in support of her roles as Shadow Secretary of State for Defra, Transport and International Development.

Laura Kyrke-Smith
I am currently Chair of LCID. In the last three years, I have hugely enjoyed working with the Exec, leading on initiatives like our Development on the Doorstep campaign and our party conference event. LCID’s work to build support for internationalism within the party, and to ensure we provide effective opposition on international issues, is crucial. Drawing on my knowledge of – and passion for – international development, I hope to play a continued role in LCID’s success.

Liam O’Shea
We face a key problem – the Tories are putting security at the heart of the international development agenda – but recent government reviews of stabilisation interventions are highly critical of their effectiveness. I want to use my expertise in governance and security to help LCID shape Labour policy, so that the debate over aid is not just over a choice between humanitarianism or using aid directly in support of UK national interests. Instead, I want to work towards a policy placing effective state building high on the international development agenda.

Mann Virdee
I helped negotiate LCID’s affiliation to the Party and have helped organise many of LCID’s events since 2011. As treasurer and membership officer, I oversaw a significant growth in LCID’s membership and finances. In 2014, I filmed and produced a video (shown at Conference) highlighting Labour’s incredible development record through interviews with our former Secretaries of State and Prime Ministers. If re-elected I’ll continue working hard and contributing to LCID’s success. I’m studying for a PhD at Birmingham’s International Development Department.

Mike Buckley
Mike has been on the LCID exec for the past two years in the role of Elections Officer. He and Farah led successful LCID campaign days in the run up to the general and mayoral elections and the EU referendum. Mike spent over 10 years working overseas for NGOs. He now works in policy and advocacy on the refugee crisis. He is keen to champion internationalism within the Labour Party at this crucial time for our party and country.

Sam Rushworth
I am a researcher and lecturer in International Development, with a focus on childhood, education, gender and post-conflict reconciliation in sub-Saharan Africa, and was previously a senior manager in the British Red Cross. He mentors the young founders of a Rwandan youth-led charity and sits on the board of directors of its USA-based partner. Sam was Labour’s 2015 Parliamentary Candidate in Blackpool North and has served on the LCID exec for 9 months. He is seeking re-election to continue his work growing the membership.

Sarah Kirby
Ensuring international development is kept on the agenda, as seen as highly important, within the Labour Party is something that I am keen to see happen both now and in the lead up to the next general election. Having taken part in field trips, completed a Masters in Food Security and Development and worked for Bond I believe I have both the practical and theoretical experience to ensure that LCID are able to effectively lobby and engage in policy discussions.

Simon Beresford
Elected to the LCID Exec for the first time last year, I have shaped plans as Development Officer to help build our membership and organisation for the years ahead. Working as the Head of Fundraising & Marketing for an international NGO, I hold an MSc in NGO management and am also a trustee for a national children’s charity. If re-elected, I will continue to use my experience to help LCID build our profile, membership and support within the Labour movement.

Stuart McWilliam
I have served on the LCID executive for the last two years, and bring over 18 years’ experience of working in the International Development sector. I currently work for Global Witness leading its climate change work. Previously I spent 12 years at Oxfam campaigning on a range of issues, from increasing aid, securing an international arms trade treaty, climate change, and an international agreement on the Responsibility to Protect Civilians. I have also worked for the anti-poverty campaigning organisation ONE.

Suzanne Foster
I have been part of the LCID executive team for three years now and have loved being part of this movement and championing our cause. As an experienced policy and communications professional with a passion for international development, I would be able to continue to use my skills to effectively campaign with LCID to achieve the strategic objectives; keeping international development high on Labour’s agenda and supporting the party to provide strong opposition in this area as well as supporting LCID members to actively participate in our work.