0.7% aid law passes – thanks to Labour, and you.

aid law 3 copy

Just a few minutes ago the bill to enshrine our country’s aid spending in law passed it’s final hurdle. It’s been voted through both Houses of Parliament and will soon be on the statute book.

Ten years after Labour first put Britain on the timetable to reaching the 0.7% target, and five years after Labour first proposed to enshrine our aid promise, the bill will soon be law.

It was touch and go at times, but Labour Peers were able to see off attempts by Tory Peers to wreck the bill in the House of Lords – including by their former Chancellor and the PM’s own father-in-law. It only got through the House of Commons because of Labour’s supportmore Labour MPs voted for the aid law than all the other Parties combined.

This victory belongs to all of us – Labour Party members, our representatives in Parliament and former Government Ministers alike – many of whom have been pushing for this moment for decades. Thank you to them. And thank you as well to every LCID supporter who encouraged MPs to vote for this bill – 1 in 4 of the Labour MPs who voted for the bill were LCID members or encouraged to attend the vote by LCID.

The law secures a key piece of our Party’s legacy – and ensures that in the coming years we in Britain continue to provide our fair share in the fight to make poverty history.

Change does not happen by chance – it happens by choice. We’ll be celebrating this victory, but then we’ll be doing all we can to help return a Labour Government in May so we can build on this achievement and help transform even more lives for the better. Poverty is political – fight it with us and come along to #DevelopmentDoorstep on 28th March!

Thank you again,

Charlie, Laura, Joe, David, Bethan, Sarah, Mann, Farah, Suzanne, Laura, Stuart, Billy, Namaa, Ake, and Mike.

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