Response from Ivan Lewis MP on Government announcement on Pakistan aid

Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the findings in the International Development Select Committee’s report on aid to Pakistan, said:


“The International Development Select Committee are right to make the link between Pakistan’s tax system and UK aid.


“Hard pressed British taxpayers have a right to expect that alongside our support, the Government of Pakistan is taking all necessary steps  to collect the tax revenue which will play a crucial part in the country’s long term capacity to end high levels of poverty.


“It is also true that we will only be able to achieve our aim to end aid dependency globally by 2030, if there is a concerted effort to prevent the tax dodging by some multinational companies which the evidence shows denies developing countries vast amounts of revenue.


“That is why David Cameron must use the UK’s chairmanship of the G8 to replace his tough rhetoric on tax with effective global action.”

One thought on “Response from Ivan Lewis MP on Government announcement on Pakistan aid

  1. Blue says:

    “Tax dodging by multinational companies”? And what exactly did Labour do while in govt for 13 years about such things? Absolutely nothing!

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