Gordon Brown + Avaaz to G20: Green Jobs and Stimulus Now


Above: Gordon Brown sends an urgent message with the global online movement Avaaz, recorded in Bhalswa slum in Delhi, India

This week, we could turn the tide of the global recession which is threatening progress on everything we care about, including strong action on climate change. It has already plunged 100 million people into poverty and unemployment.

Right now, French President Sarkozy, the new chair of the G20 group of the world’s largest economies, is deciding the group’s agenda. Experts have urged the G20 to urgently halt protectionism and cuts and launch a coordinated global green jobs and stimulus plan to save millions.

Gordon Brown has urgently appealed to members of the online movement Avaaz to act — a wave of public pressure now can persuade President Sarkozy to lead. 100,000 have already heeded the call.

Click above to watch Brown’s appeal. And sign the petition at Avaaz.org!

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