Supporting Gareth Thomas MP, DfID Minister of State

For the General Election, LCID wants to do its bit to support Labour MPs, be they MPs known for their support of international development, or marginal seats where international development may be of particular importance to voters.

Gareth Thomas MPThis Saturday we went out on the streets of Harrow West to support DfID Minister of State Gareth Thomas, and in just a few hours knocked on many people’s doors, helping to identify Labour voters who we can go back an encourage to vote on the day of the election.

To help out Gareth’s campaign in Harrow West go here, and to hear about our next campaigning events simply sign up to our mailing list.

3 thoughts on “Supporting Gareth Thomas MP, DfID Minister of State

  1. john Madeley says:

    Why does a Labour government continue to push free trade? Free trade keeps millions in poverty. The urgent need is for trade justice, the opposite of free trade. Trade justice includes curbing the traders, the TNCs. I deal with this in my new book Beyond Reach? which tells the story of the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005 in a novel way. There are details on
    Royalties from the book go to agencies working to eradicate poverty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How wonderful Mr.Thomas is by flouting the data proctection act. He and his team, managed to address their leaflets to my partner, who isn’t even eligible to vote in the general election.

    Talk about how wonderful his staff must be to take names from the local council election register and not even check if the person can vote in a national election

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